Accustom are now delivering quality 1 day and 2 day four wheel drive courses in various locations. We can tailor our training to suit individuals or groups and deliver this training throughout South Australia.

This training is delivered with groups of 3 to 6, with a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 3 students. We can provide both manual and automatic transmission late model four wheels drives for clients to use and also clients are encouraged to use there own vehicles when appropriate.    

This training covers a wide variety of information, practical instruction and techniques. Are trainers are highly qualified and have previously delivered training to those employed in the mining sector, remote location law enforcement and those requiring a sound understanding of both automatic and manual transmission four wheels drives for work or play.

Our courses are comprehensive and professional and can be tailored to suit individual needs of clients or employers.

These courses can be delivered in all locations - just ring the office for further details.

Basic four wheel drive - 1 day course includes:

: understanding handling characteristics of monocoque and ladder rail chassis vehicles

: understanding the operation of the drive train of four wheel and two wheel drive drive vehicle

: understand the function and operation of a transfer case

: transmission windup, how its caused and how it can be eliminated

: prepare, undertake and finalise a four wheel drive journey

: drive in a variety of terrains

: off road driving and recovery techniques

: use of recovery equipments including recovery tracks, high lift jack and snatch strap

: trailers and towing

: securing loads

: legal access / wildlife / driving on corrugations / one lane roads / dust / communication 

All training includes a theory and practical driving. This driving can be conducted in our vehicles or as a tag along with your vehicle and instruction.

Advanced four wheel drive course - 2 days.

Please contact us for further details and course content.