About: Accustom Consulting Pty Ltd


Accustom was established in 2009 starting with providing employment consultancy/support services.

Over time it has evolved with firstly adding driving school services and later training services.

We have grown to meet the area needs of consulting & training services.

We wish to thank all our customers who have supported our company by using our services.

We look forward to providing a professional service to all future customers. 

Fees and

Refund Policy

When a service is cancelled by Accustom Consulting, then a full refund of fees may apply. In this situation, participants will be notified of alternative opportunities.


Where a participant fails to attend without notifying Accustom Consulting at least 72 hours (3 FULL business days) prior to the service commencing, there may be no refund of fees or ability to re-schedule the service. When Accustom Consulting is advised within the 72 hour time frame of non-attendance/cancellation or request to re-schedule fee's are required to re-schedule before confirming new training dates/times.

Accustom Consulting are unable to accept responsibility for changes to individual personal circumstances.


Some fees are non-refundable after payment, if resources have been provided (eg. Training kits posted/testing fees.Testing fees are paid/booked 3 full business days prior to assessment booking.)

Refunds for Special Circumstances are the discretion of the Manager.


Training or Course positions can only be secured once payment is confirmed received.


Thank you kindly, The Accustom Team.